Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter hits NYC a couple of weeks early

Winter doesn't arrive until the solstice in another 10 days, and no snow yet (apart from the freak storm in October), but it has certainly gotten cold enough this week. Only -2 deg C at 7 am this morning when we went running - fortunately no wind chill - and had only gotten up to 4 deg C by mid afternoon. Sunset is at about 4.30 pm these days and its already getting darker by 3pm.

Xavi does looks cute "bundled up" in his hat and coat when we venture out into the cold. he's 6 months next weekend, and is sitting up (with supervision), eating some solids and looking very grown up in his high chair, reaching out for everything, grabbing things in his two hands - and trying to put it in his mouth.

Yesterday we went Christmas tree shopping at one of the sidewalk stalls that pop up on every other corner across the city this time of year. $50 for one of those little trees on a red & green stand on the sidewalk behind Monica. To get the tree to open up and bring the color and aroma out, we were advised to use warm water with an aspirin dissolved in it the first time we water it!

Photos courtesy of Monica's iPhone. our camera broke and we will buy a new one at the post-Xmas sales.

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