Sunday, December 1, 2013

#508- Greetings from Verona

Our trip to Italy last month included a weekend in the ancient, romantic city of Verona. Aside from being the setting of Romeo & Juliet (Q: Can you remember their family names? Answer at the bottom of this post!), it has the 3rd largest Roman amphitheater in the world (well preserved and they still put on operas and other open-air shows there in the summer), many splendid Renaissance buildings and the elegant via Mazzini, the pedestrian-only street lined with many quality shops. Verona is situated on the fast-flowing Adige River in the center of the Veneto region, so is an easy train trip from Milan or Venice. We stayed in an excellent tourist apartment called "Verona Holiday", via Rosa 8, right in the centro storico. The food is similar to Venice and the local wines include the Soave (white, like Sauv. blanc) and the Valpolicella (red, like a pinot noir). It is definitely worth including Verona on any itinerary of NE Italy. Here's a dozen pictures that show why...
Juliet's balcony
Answer: Capulets and Montagues

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