Wednesday, December 18, 2013

#514 - Guess who's two and a half today!!!

He is now 3ft (92cm) tall and weighs almost 30 lbs (13.1 kg). Xavier's preschool report, Fall semester 2013: It's hard to believe that Xavier had any trouble with separation at the beginning of the semester--it's a piece of cake for him now! Very inquisitive and thoughtful, he is an eager participant in classroom discussions and arrives at school with a smile. Xavier loves to build, paint, play with dinosaurs and animals, read, and participate in sensory and science activities. He is working on sharing, although he has made improvement in this area since September. I hope to see him continue growing as a verbal problem-solver in the new year by continuing to tell friends: "I'm not done yet" or asking: "Can I have that, please?". Xavier does well during transitions when he is given a specific job (like, "please pick up all the books and put them on the shelf") to help him to stay on task. It's a pleasure to have Xavier in PAL and I look forward to seeing him on his return from Australia this winter!

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