Monday, December 9, 2013

#510 - first snow accumulation for the season

Snow, an icy mix and travel problems closed out the weekend in New York City. While a large amount of snow was not expected, the city received its first inch of snow of the season. It was fun for Xavi, who has been learning about winter and snow at preschool and seeing about in the Christmas window displays and on Peppa Pig. There was snow on the ground for a few hours in the evening on our way home from pizza (our regular Sunday night dinner outing to Numero 28 on 1st Ave & 74th) and on the christmas trees being sold on the footpath.
Parts of the city saw up to 2 inches of snow. The heaviest snow along the I-95 corridor impacted the Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia area this Sunday, leading to accidents and nightmares for airline passengers. Warmer air moved in during the storm Sunday night and Monday, causing a changeover to a wintry mix, then rain from the coast to inland areas, and this morning at thime of writing it was raining, +1 C but feels like -4C with the wind. Makes it a nightmare for motorists who must use caution as some slippery spots develop, especially on the bridges and overpasses.
As usual, the areas north and west of the city will have the longest duration of snow and ice, as well as more general slippery road conditions. More headaches await airline passengers through Monday due to snow and wintry mix at first, then from rain and low ceilings later.

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