Sunday, February 23, 2014

#507 - Central Park Slushfest

After weeks of hunkering down in our apartments because of the frigid air, everyone was out and about this weekend because we have had our first taste of spring with both days fine and sunny and above 15 deg C - in fact the first 2 days in a row above zero for the year. So all the snow is still around in Central Park, though not for much longer. Days like today are quite rare, to see people out of their health clubs and jogging on the Park's roads in T-shirts and shorts through the melting snowdrifts. The bikers were out as well for the first time, now that the treacherous black ice has melted. I brought my bike over there too, to take these photos of the uptown part of the Park which I did not get to on foot for my 'winter wonderland' post a few weeks back. Sorry I went a bit crazy with the camera today but it really was very photogenic every where you looked.
Things were returning to normal with the playgrounds full of energetic kids, but some activities were still out
Tennis anyone?
Similar story if you wanted to try running off road on the paths. A total slush fest. And it will be like that for days - in fact more cold weather and snow is forecast for later this week.
Even though it's warming up, the lakes and ponds are still frozen but the ice is clearly very thin. However they are spectacular covered in white on a warm sunny day.
Hard to believe that 6 months ago, Maxi, Frankie and Xavi were sitting on this spot watching the radio-controlled sail boats
Or that we picnicked here on Cedar Hill with Kate, with Carmel & Fiona and with our running friends. Finally, the animals were back out too, making it seem like spring. These ducks obviously don't mind cold water.
And the squirrels must also be happy with "cold cuts".
Central Park is a truly wonderful amenity and it's impossible to imagine how even more unbearable NYC would be without it!

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