Thursday, February 13, 2014

#508 - Winter Storm Number 13 for the season

A loyal Follower of this blog informs me the snow here has made the headlines during the NYC Fashion Week coverage down under, but anyway we got walloped again today. It coincided with my twice-monthly train trip to Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow for clinic, about 50 km north up the Hudson. They got hit even harder up there than "downtown", and there was 20-30 cm accumulation in the four hours I was there. We closed up at noon because every single patient of every practice canceled. I was lucky to get out. Fortunately a kind nurse drove me back to the station. Here are some pics from my schlep.
The much maligned MertoNorth did well to keep the trains running today, even if on a reduced schedule
Tarrytown Station during the white out.
The "station run" is a big call on a day like today!!
Not your typical Australian Park & Ride! :)
The spot where the fatal train derailment occurred late last year, at a suburb called Spuyten Duyvil
Back in the city - Harlem/125th St station

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