Monday, February 24, 2014

#506 - sport, weather, entertainment

1. WINTER OLYMPICS: Vlad Putin is not the "top of the pops" in the US at present, and the American attitude towards the Winter Olympics has seemed rather negative, with a lot of emphasis placed on the cost of them. So it was interesting to read today about how the various host cities have fared down the years post-Olympics. Then they came to Athens (trivia question - what year were the Athens Olympics held [the recent ones, not 1896]?) According to CBS"The legacy of Athens' Olympics has stirred vigorous debate, and Greek authorities have been widely criticized for not having a post-Games plan for the infrastructure. While some of the venues built specifically for the games have been converted for other uses, many are underused or abandoned, and very few provide the state with any revenue.
"Murky water and rubbish fill an abandoned training pool for athletes at the Olympic village on the northern fringes of Athens". Answer: 2004. 2. MORE COLD WEATHER: Another 'Polar Vortex' is forecast for midweek, and the possibility of snow storm number 17 for the season. As today's weather map shows, a consequence of climate change is that the jet stream, which is the blue and red line snaking across the nation, is now further south and weaker. This means more cold air comes down from Canada and it hangs around longer. So rather than becoming like Miami, the so-called "global warming" actually means NYC is going to become more like Toronto with long harsh winters (and droughts in California) becoming the norm.
3. MOVIE REVIEW: I went to the movies last Sunday and saw Monuments Men. It tells an interesting story, has a great cast including "our Cate" and great scenery, so no surprise it's doing well at the box office. It's going to be screened at Palace Cinemas in Oz commencing in 3 weeks time. I recommend it if you get the chance.

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