Saturday, February 7, 2009

Union Square

Monica: Union Square, downtown on 14th St has a good farmer's market most days of the week and they only sell local produce from New York State. It's interesting that in this cold climate the only things for sale at this time of year are apples, pears, onions and a few root veges [these have all but finished], eggs, bread and cheese. If you are to eat local it's pretty limited by todays standards. it would have been hard one hundred years ago getting through a winter eating only these foods [plus what was preserved in the summer I guess]. At one of the bakers they had an obituary from the NY Times that is a tribute to a Tasmanian man Alan Scott who died on Australia Day and is credited with reviving the ancient craft of building brick ovens. 

The top photo is the view up town from Madison Sq Park a few blocks north of Union Square and the lower photo is of a life guard's chair at Union Sq, as a recruitment promotion for summer. It looked very odd with all the snow still on the ground.

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