Sunday, February 15, 2009

The week in review, Sunday Feb 15th

yesterday, we went for a walk Downtown (Tribeca to North Cove) and on the way back stopped of at Union Square to get a gourmet hot dog at "Dogmatic" on E. 17th. This photo was a street performer at Union Square doing a "Evil Kneivel" and jumping over six people, as well as doing a flip in the air (click on it to enlarge). By the way, he made it.

We had a nice sunday, went for a run about 8kms on what they call the bridle path, never see any horses but it is a dirt track through Central Park, it is nice and softer than the bitumen. then brekky at home and a long read of the NY Times. Then we went for a long walk on the upper west side around Columbia University.
The Thinker, by Rodin, outside the Columbia Dept of Philosophy.

Never been up there before. the uni was amazing, the grounds and the buildings are beautiful, very old looking and oozing with scholarly charm and academia. Then home around 5pm and I sat down and finished my coffee story and finally hit the SEND button to the editor of the SMH. After all this time of rewriting, editing by carmel, stephen and paul changing a word here and there, thank goodness it's off.Paul is appalled by my lack of understanding of basic grammar, use of commas in particular (apparently I use them much too frequently and incorrectly) along with spelling and sentence structure. I dunno, I thought I done pretty good (ha ha )

The weather was most "seasonal" this week, ranging from -1 or -2 in the morning getting up to 4 or 6 by the afternoon. the snow has all evaporated. more is forecast for later this week

The main news items here were the passing of Obama's stimulus package, the tragic plane crash in Buffalo (so soon after the "miracle on the Hudson") and the revelation that Alex Rodriguez, [ the NY Yankees (baseball) star who is being paid $275M on a 10 yr contract] took steroids in 2001-2003. His nickname is A-Rod, so now he is being called A-Roid or A-Fraud. He goes out with Madonna. Saw the catch by Adam Voges on the internet: incredible!


  1. Did we go anywhere near the Seinfeld restaurant when we were there? What is W.:great but worrying? We saw Gran Torino at Chatswood. Have formed view that perceived widespread critical acclaim for this movie is no such thing; rather it is more to do with subjective, emotion-driven, jumping-on-bandwagon type acclaim. You know, like: "Wow, isn't Clint amazing doing that at his age! And he made it so quickly and cheaply. He can still teach the young'uns a thing or two!!" Yeah, let's all take part in Clint worship. Reminds me of the time when the Stephen Hawkings book A Brief History Of Time was published and it received rave reviews from all and sundry. Turned out later that hardly any of the reviewers had read it, and I reckonI know why. I bought the book but gave up at page 50 and think now that maybe the reviewers had perhaps set out to read it, then got lost in the attempt, then joined in on the chorus of praise lest they be seen as dumbies they all. Case of the Emperor's new clothes. Alternatively, maybe I'm showing my grey matter, or lack of it. Perhaps it's time to have another go at that book.
    Regarding Paul's grammatical knowledge I would appreciate a quick comma use lesson.

  2. "W." is a biopic about George W. Bush. Made by Oliver Stone and starred Josh Brolin. It was on late last year for quite a few months, and has just come out on rental dvd here. it only got 3 stars from most critics but i enjoyed it. It was worrying because of how weak it made him out to be. it's a wonder he didn't sue them

  3. and no, we didn't go up there (way up on upper west side at W.112th st). it's one block from the main campus of Columbia University in a neighborhood called Morningside Heights