Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monica: Yesterday we caught the subway down to Midtown to see the Empire State Bldg etc. This has been one of the coldest NY winters on record, making running very difficult. As you can see Paul has really stacked on the weight. He'll have to start exercising again soon and cut down on  the beer and pizzas. 


  1. He is almost unrecognisable! Love the quick movie reviews. Can't believe how many you've seen. We saw 'Slumdog millionaire'. Stephen was less enamoured with it, but I enjoyed the ride. We're hoping to see either "Rachel getting married" or "The reader" this weekend.

    Keep blogging - it's great to be able to dip in and see what you're both up to. We can't believe we were ever overseas as it's been a very busy two weeks back at work.

    Off to the theatre tonight. We've abandon the Belvior and are testing out Stables.

  2. movie summaries are from years of reading form guides."hard to beat", "what ever beats it will win", "place hopes best", "chance to atone", "prefer in something easier", etc