Monday, February 2, 2009

The Superbowl, according to a Bunnies supporter

Paul: Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday. It is a big day for parties and one of the few days Americans condone beer drinking.  Every pub has a Superbowl party and i watched some of it (the game is played in "15 min" quarters but with all the stoppages, a qtr takes an hour. i watched the 3rd quarter) at one of the locals, "O'Flanagans", a few blocks up 1st ave. It was between Pittsburgh Steelers who had already won the most Superbowls (5 times), and Arizona Cardinals who hadn't won any thing for 61 years. Being an old Cleveland Browns fan - the Steelers are their hated local derby rivals - for me it was kind  of like watching Roosters vs. Norths, so of course i was going for Cardinals (aka North Sydney). Steelers went in as slight favourites, but at half time they led  17-7.  so i went to the pub to cheer on the Cards for what i thought would be the all-important 3rd qtr, but during the whole hour of the 3rd qtr only one field goal was scored, by the Steelers. As Mondays are my busy day, I left at 3 qtr time (10 pm) pretty bored, with Steelers leading 20-7 and the Cardinals being outplayed. So i missed all the action in the final qtr (seems cricket isn't the only "funny" game). Cards scored 2 touch downs plus a penalty goal early in the 4th qtr, and still led 23-20 with only 3 mins to go but then Steelers got control of the ball and pulled off a miraculous play to score a TD with only 35 seconds left on the clock.  Though i didn't see it, as soon as I heard what happened, it took me back to many a heartbreaking Sunday afternoon at the SFS or Telstra!  (for the smart alecks: i know, souths haven't even been in the grand final recently. but its only been 38 years, not 61!). there was even controversy afterwards about a video ref error that could have denied Cards one last shot even in the dying seconds. 

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