Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Texas Hill Country tour:Tues/Wed Mar 24-25, 2009

After leaving San Antonio we headed 80 km NW to Bandera, the 'cowboy capital of the world'. These pictures were taken at the 11th St Bar, where they were getting ready for 100's of bikies to descend on the weekend. I don't think many of them are Lebanese, so should be peaceful! The bra donation ceremony would be interesting to witness.
then we continued N through the Hill Country, a limestone range 300-800m above sea level, to Fredericksburg. 12 km N of Fredricksburg is the Enchanted Rock Nat Pk, a little bit like Uluru, though the flora obviously different.
then back into "Freddo". It was the home town of Admiral Nimitz, head of the US Navy in the Pacific in WWII and they have a great interactive Pacific war museum here. Glad this is the closest i ever got to an "LTV". Freddo is about 100km west of Austin, and we got back here about 6pm in a humungous Sydney-style thunderstorm, with those grey-green clouds filling up the sky, and golf ball size hail reported west of here.


  1. South Sydney....Doh! That hill country looks like where they shot Fury. And perhaps the Texas Rangers. Ah, they don't make 'em like that any more. Just in case you may not be aware, our Prime Minister has just had a face to face with Big Barack in Washington. Did it register at all with the US media? This weekend going to Blueys for some R&R. Staying in Bullock esort condo at Manyana. Bit different to Texas. But we still won't mess with it.

  2. Any of those shows could have been filmed there (I think the Ponderosa was supposed to be in Nevada). Re Kevin07's visit, in fact Obama mentioned K07 in his press conference, plus he was interviewed for about 10 mins on Jim Lehrer's Newshour, and he played a very straight bat.