Thursday, March 12, 2009

pic of the day: Florida

It's our wedding anniversary today (no. 26). Also Kate flies back to Sydney today.
Here are more photos from Florida last week

sunset drink at Loew's Resort, South Beach.


  1. Happy anniversary. Hope you got to a swank restuarant to celebrate. No trouble finding one in New York. Also Paul, I took your footy tips holus bolus and used them for my tips. Have no idea at the moment. There were some interesting handicaps but what the heck, I didn't change a thing.

  2. P: went to Union Sq Cafe with Kate on Wednesday night. Often voted "the most popular restaurant in NYC" and we had a good time. In fact last night we went to JoJo on E.64th (across the street from Bernie Madoff's penthouse) with some old RPA colleagues in town for a conference. We don't have any other plans - I'm on call this weekend. Re my tips: I take no responsibility for them, though hopefully 40 yrs of watching the bunnies counts for something, along with an appreciation that the comp is very even because of the salary cap, so there are always upsets.
    M: thanks Stephen.Union Square Cafe was good, that is the one I tried to get us in when you were here but could only get 1030pm reservation! This time I booked 3 weeks in advance and I could get a 6:45 booking but not any later. Not too pricey either mains $30. Next time your here we'll plan in advance. Kate had the lamb and I had to ask where it came from as it was beautifully tender and juicy and of course the answer was Australia.

  3. HI EVERYONE. FOOD GETS A HIGH PRIORTY, GLAD some cafes buy aussie lamb. Nick and Melissa are with me to day, Saturday. We've had lunch, and they are thinking about going down
    to the beach. Cheers Mum.