Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pic of day Wed march 4th

Curbside checkin at LaGuardia
Poolside in Florida


  1. hey looking at that guy at the check in makes me wonder if the place was air conditioned. How far is Florida from NY, to go from snow to sitting by the pool? You're having a long winter. Kate, it's not you bringing it is it? I know my ski gloves are only good to about -5C. After that, the little digits start to feel it.

  2. Forgot to say, movie wise, saw The Reader last weekend. Approved. Winslett deserved Oscar. Just goes to show where being illiterate can get you.

  3. That was the curbside, outdoor check-in, hence the balaclava.

    It is approx 3 hrs flying time from NYC to southern Florida.

    Florida was a pleasant change weatherwise, although it was 21C in NYC on Saturday apparently, and 19 today. Still 14C right now (8 pm Sunday), though back to a more seasonable daily max of 7-10C forecast for this week.