Monday, March 23, 2009

OzTips round 3

went into sunday 5/5, ended up 5/8! Now 10/16 and moved up to equal 8th. Here are my tips for round 3: MW (sticking with them), Broncos, Cowboys, SGI, SS to bounce back, Raiders to get on the board, Tigers, Titans. And with the Sydney Autumn carnival in full swing, i will post Sydney racing selections on Friday.


  1. Re footy tips I think I did same as you: eels, storm dragons bulldogs tigers raiders manly sharks. But ended up with one, the dragons, due to the stupid points start business. Not happy.

  2. Stephen, SS is South Sydney! But i hope you bounce back. Trying to pick the margins is very difficult. sounds like you'd be better using my selection, then take the opposite!