Monday, March 2, 2009

NY Snowstorm

NYC had its biggest snow storm in 2 years in the past 24 hrs. it began snowing at 9 pm last night (shortly after Kate arrived) and didn't stop till 3pm today. we had about 9 inches of snow in total. This was how it looked in E 68th street, at the hospital, at 9 am this morning. Schools are closed in this weather and many people can't come to work. Half the patients booked into my clinic rang to cancel.

These are the windchills for tomorrow morning. it will feel like 3 deg F in NYC. That's about -18 celsius. It says -15F in the top left hand corner, that is about -26 celsius. That location is in the direction of where we go skiing in the Catskills. it will be good to go to Florida on Wednesday - it's +26C there at the moment.

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