Saturday, February 27, 2010

NYC hammered by monster winter storm

A strong winter storm parked itself Friday over the Tri-State area, bringing heavy winds, flooding and more than 60 cm of snow in areas north and west of New York City. By 2 p.m. Friday, over 50 cm of snow was measured in Central Park. North and west of the city, some areas saw more than 75cm . Combined with the last snow storm we had, New York CIty set a record for most snowfall ever in February with 91 cm, smashing the 1896 record of 90 cm.

Another tough commute

our street at 8 am

unlike Mosman, really do need a Range Rover here!

could't even open our terrace door because of the weight of all the snow

our terrace again


  1. Wow, hard to believe that much snow, given last year we arrived at start of April to none. Well, we did get that little flurry down at Colombas coffee shop as the boys love to remember. terrible about the death by falling branch. Hope all is well Paul. Rohan.

  2. Thanks Rohan. obviously v. excited about Maxi II. The boys would have gone hysterical this week. Monica told me your back has been playing up again. hope it settles down soon. see you in Melbourne in a couple of weeks. anything i can bring the boys, other than snow?