Sunday, February 7, 2010

"snowmaggedon" and superbowl sunday

For those who are worried about our well being, the record-breaking snow storm that has paralyzed Washington DC ("snowmaggedon" or "snowpocalypse" as it has been referred to) stayed well south of NYC and we only got a very light coating. There seemed to have been a bit more on the West side of Manhattan, as the photos from our walk to the High Line today reveal (to follow). very different to summer.

Although we are making some nice friends here, we haven' t been invited to a Superbowl party yet. but we did go to our favorite local pub the "Sin Bin" to watch a bit of the 3rd Qtr in the game between the Indianopolis Colts (who knocked out NY Jets ) and the New Orleans Saints (Colts leading 10-6 at half time). Saints won 31-17 and even Monica said the final quarter was exciting as New Orleans hit the lead for first time in the match then held off Colts desperately fighting to get back into it, and we ended up staying until full time.
New Orleans Saints scoring the match winning touchdown, off an intercept

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