Sunday, February 21, 2010

Millerton NY/best pizza in NYC

Saturday (Feb 20) we rented a car and headed up to the Litchfield Hills of CT again. Just back over the border in NY State, we found this cute little town, MIllerton. it appears to be a lively place only 2hrs (160 km) N of NYC and best of all for us, it has the Rail Trail, an old railway line that has been converted into a recreation path. it is currently 16 km long but will eventually be 80 km long. we found a small cottage in a side street in town that is for rent for $900/month, so we are considering taking a year-long lease on it for a weekender.

Main St., Millerton

on the Rail Trail

Sunday was almost spring-like, sunny, 7C max, although a bit of a wind. We have a lot of catching up to do fitness-wise if we are to keep up when cycling in France in July, so we headed out for our first ride of 2010, 25km return trip to one of our favortie pizzerias, Motorino, in Williamsburg. Last week it was featured in the New York Times food section and voted 'best pizza in the city'; quite a call.cycling thru urban grunge of Long Island City (Queens) on the way to Williamsburg


  1. Millerton looks great. Could you also catch the train to get there?
    Are the pizzas better than Roberta's??

  2. Love the photo of Monica cycling past the melted snow! What intrepid cyclists you are.
    The Millerton adventure sounds most exciting.

  3. Bill/Jenny: the train terminates a few miles south, which is a problem in one way but good in another. the last town on the line (Wassaic) is pretty bogan.

    Great call re Roberta's. I think they do an equally good pizza and the atmos is unique/way superior. Motorino could easily be in Lane Cove or Mortdale; Roberta's is definitely NYC.

    Hope Millerton is as good as it appears: we have signed a 12 month lease, so I now have a house in Lane Cove, a flat in Bronte, an apartment in NYC and a weekender in Millerton!!! Hope I don't misplace my keys!!!