Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring break in Miami

Paul was speaking in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday morning, so afterwards we headed down to Miami (only about half hour n the freeway) for a night for a short 'spring break'. plenty of sun but unseasonably cool; only around 16 in the day with a cool breeze, and down to 10 at night (I guess it's better than -6 in NYC). By the way, on Friday was the first time there has ever been snow on the ground somewhere in all 48 of the mainland US states on the same day (including somewhere in Florida), and in fact approx 60% of the USA snow on it; Vancouver could have done with some of it. It has been a rough winterfamous South Beach...
...with a nice clean shore break
our funky art deco hotel in the old part...
...but otherwise it's a huge characterless Gold Coast in the hip new SoFi (South of Fifth street) section
view back from South Pointe (why the pretentious "e"?) to Downtown Miami

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