Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turkish delights

Off to Antalya this afternoon, so we spent the morning back in the Old City, first visiting the Kapali Carsi (Grand Bazaar) -ruined somewhat by non-stop hassling from carpet sellers (wanting $1000 for a nice one) - then back to the hotel via the Galata Tower before heading to the airport. Galata Tower dates back to the Romans in 582 A.D. but rebuilt in 1384 and luckily renovated a few times since then. Observation deck is 60m above the ground, offering spectacular 360 deg views of Istanbul (pop 13 mil) Grand Bazaar

shopping inside Grand Bazaar

enjoying a Bikal Eklem (Turkish filet o' fish) on the Galata bridge. No more Doner kebabs for me!

Galata Tower

view from the tower: yikes!

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