Monday, December 27, 2010

What we woke to this morning: "Snowmaggedon"

Snowed all night and finally stopped about 6 am, and more than 60cm snow had fallen, much more than predicted. On the streets, it was like "Independence Day II", with abandoned buses, buried cars, deserted streets, and the few people out were walking on the roadways because the footpaths weren't cleared. Tomorrow, pictures of Central Park in the snow...
on our terrace - never seen deeper snow

1st Ave & E.68th

outside MSKCC - living 5 blocks away, no "snow days" for Paul

Union Square

Broadway at E.17th!


  1. What a snow storm. Can't believe the snowy depths on your balcony and the empty streets, especially Union Square. Seeing Monica in all her layers bring back memories of our fabulously chilly stay in New York two years ago. Wish we were...

  2. Broadway's exclamation mark is well deserved. The morning after looks bright and sunny. Pristine

  3. Jenny, summer's a much better time to be here!

  4. Stephen, pristine for an hour or two then quickly turns grey from schmutz, with yellow streaks thrown in.