Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Unlike Churchill, we pulled the plug on Gallipoli

We decided to stay in Istanbul instead of making the schlep down to Gallipoli: no disrespect to the fallen Diggers intended but it is a 4.5 hrs drive each way, weather crap, Monica not feeling well and very expensive. Instead, we did the short version of the Bosphorus River cruise then visited the UNESCO certified Hagia Sophia. It is a massive 6th century Roman basilica-turned mosque-turned museum, with beautiful Byzantine mosaics currently being restored. It was incredible.
Eminonu docks with Yeni Cami in background

Bridge over the Bosphorus, connecting Europe (L) and Asia (R)

Hagia Sophia

It is huge inside: bigger than Grand Central Terminal

the "Blue Angel" mosaic, which was only recently restored


  1. Looks chilly but spectacular. Must add Turkey to the travel plans.

  2. absolutely, and "favorable exchange rate" according to Turkish Ministry of Tourism. But not good for cycling, at least in istanbul