Saturday, December 18, 2010

Visiting the Roman ruins around Antalya

The conference was over at lunch time on Saturday and our flight back to Istanbul wasn't until 5pm, so we hired a driver to take us to visit the nearby Roman ruins of Aspendos and Perge. Aspendos is recognized as having the best preserved Roman amphitheater anywhere in the Mediterranean, while Perge is a well-preserved Roman city rivaling Pompeii in scale. In between, we managed to find a roadside gozleme stand, and while these were totally authentic it did show the Turkish guy next to the $2 shop at Lane Cove makes a damn good gozleme.
aqueduct at Aspendos

ringside seats at the old amphitheater at Aspendos: half time score is Christians 1, Lions 0

making gozleme the old way

old street at Perge

east meets west at Perge

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