Monday, December 27, 2010

Yesterday's blizzard: just as predicted

Seems most people in Australia have heard about the NYC blizzard by now, but here's an eyewitness account. The storm was being monitored as it barreled up the East coast on Sunday morning, and hit NYC like clockwork around 1pm. The drive back from Millerton was treacherous and took 50% longer than usual. By time we had gotten home at 5pm, the blizzard had really set in and was expected to continue through the night and dump a foot to a foot and a half. It was as bad as any storm in our 3 winters, and there was even thunder&lightning - apparently caused by friction from ice crystals rubbing against each other in the clouds!
on the Taconic State Parkway, 3pm

on our terrace, 5pm

our building's entrance, 7pm

on First Avenue, 7 pm

our building's courtyard, 9 pm

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